Everything about the 3 new Apple iPhones 2019.

The new iPhones from 2019; what can we expect from it? In this blog, we will keep you updated on the latest facts and rumors of the 3 new iPhones that will be released in 2019.

Which iPhone models will be released in 2019?
This year, Apple is expected to stick to the same tradition as last year. The iPhone XS (Max) gets a successor with OLED screen of 5.8 and 6.5 inches. In addition, there will be an iPhone XR successor with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. The release of a cheaper alternative – last year in the form of the Xr – is something that seems to have been successful and will, therefore, be done again. The name of the 3 variants is still unclear, but if we can believe the rumors, it will be the iPhone 11, which could also be written as the iPhone XI.

What is the release date of the iPhones in 2019?
Just like last year, 3 new iPhones are expected again and last year it was not possible to release all 3 at the same time. For example, it was the Xr in 2018 that appeared on the shelves a few weeks later than the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Apple is now making it a habit to unveil the iPhones at the beginning of September and the iPhones are often available around the end of September – beginning of October. It is therefore expected that the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI) will also be released around this period.

What’s new about the iPhone XI series?
According to rumors, the iPhone 11 will have some changes compared to the iPhone 10. We will briefly discuss this below.

1. New design with unibody glass
Although the screen sizes remain the same, you can count on some external changes. The biggest innovation on the iPhone 11 models is probably the back. This is made of ‘unibody’ glass and that means that the entire back is made of one piece of glass. With the current iPhone, the camera lens is still in an opening, but it is said that it will also be less conspicuous under a piece of glass.

In addition, the notch of the iPhone XI would decrease in size, but the device itself would be a few millimeters larger. This may have to do with a larger battery for a new function. More about that later.

2. Faster wireless charging
Apple is actually lagging a bit behind when it comes to wireless charging. Not only did the iPhone maker come with support for wireless charging, it is also slower than with many competing devices such as Huawei and Samsung. The iPhone 11 is said to change that and supports wireless charging with up to 15 watts. Now that is 7.5 watts.

3. An improved battery
Good news for when your battery runs out quickly! The usually very reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reported that the iPhone 11 models get an improved battery. According to him, the battery of the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 about 25 percent larger. With the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Max, it will be 15 percent and with the 6.1-inch LCD successor to the iPhone XR, it will be around 5 percent.

4. The underwater mode
There has been a rumor about an underwater mode for the new iPhone XI for a while. In this underwater mode, it is reportedly possible to use the new iPhone underwater. The screen can also recognize touches when the device is underwater. Water droplets make the screen of the current iPhones unusable because the difference between a finger and water drop is not that big.

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5. Bi-directional wireless charging
Bi-directional charging; the ability to charge other devices such as earpods with your iPhone. To also have enough battery left over to use your phone, a larger battery would be needed. The iPhone 11, incidentally, would not be the first device that supports bi-directional wireless charging. The Samsung Galaxy S10 already has this function, as shown below.

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6. Gradient style new colors
If Apple leaves the design of new iPhones unchanged, they often choose to offer different colors; something we already saw last year with the bright yellow iPhone XR. An interesting patent gives us a nice taste of this. This describes how Apple is researching a technique that can give the iPhone housing two colors. This is also called a Gradient style and that is something we also see with the current Huawei P30 models.

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7. A better and triple camera lens.
Sony would meanwhile be busy producing 3D camera lenses for the iPhone 11 series, but the iPhones 2019 appear too early for that. Yet the iPhone 11 takes a big step by adding a third camera lens to the device. This includes three lenses, the flash, and the microphone.

With that extra lens, the iPhone could measure the depth and distance with regard to the person who is taking pictures and what that is being photographed.

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